RHC Assistant Manager

Directs the workflow of the clinic staff, ensuring that communication between PARs and nurse aides is efficient and productive. Assign duties to PARs and nurse aides to best serve our patients. Works to facilitate patient flow and ensure an accurate and complete medical record for each patient.

Pay Scale(s): Hourly, Non-Exempt

Department: RHC
Chain of Command: RHC Director, Providers, CEO

Physical and Mental Requirements

  • extended periods of standing/ walking
  • manual dexterity
  • pushing pulling carts <300 lbs
  • repetitive motion
  • lifting/carrying >= 50 lbs.
  • crawling
  • climbing
  • kneeling/bending
  • visual acuity
  • hearing acuity

Work Conditions

  • inside
  • non stressful/occasionally highly stressful


  • OHSA Blood Bourne Pathogens Class I

Job Qualifications


  • High School Graduate or equivalent

Licensure, Registry and Certifications

  • Not required but CMA/CNA or LVN/RN recommended

Personal Job Related Skills

  • Effective oral and written communications skills
  • Leadership


Prior Work Experience

  • 5 years medical clinic experience

Technical Training

  • None required

Primary Responsibilities

Provides clinic services

  • Compiles and maintains RHC evidence binder documents
  • Ensures that all daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual logs, surveys, trainings are complete
  • Assists providers and clinic director with daily clinic operation and workflow
  • Ensures providers are properly staffed by moving or redirecting staff
  • Work with PARs and clinical staff to facilitate Prior Auths are completed in a timely fashion
  • Help to create staff training protocols and inservices
  • Manage the daily schedule for FP providers, communicating between nurse aides and reception
  • Manages medication samples and supplies

Secures required deposit, co payment, or insurance information.

  • Verifies co-insurance and collects any copayments or deductibles.
  • Reviews past records for delinquent accounts advises customer, and refers to supervisor if necessary.
  • Assists uninsured patients in making appropriate financial arrangements.

Secondary Responsibilities

  • Assists in Clinic Director duties as assigned by the director
  • Provides back up timekeeping/payroll duties when director is out of office
  • Rooms patients, recording vital signs and pertinent visit data

Essential Functions

  • Communicates positively and respectfully to audience (coworkers, patients, physicians, and others)
  • Performs required tasks without prompting and adjusts appropriately to situations.
  • Adheres to the attendance policy.
  • Follows District and Department Policies.
  • Attends required meetings and in-services
  • Participates in Hospital District Safety Program and QA Programs
  • Uses time and resources wisely.
  • Maintains HIPAA, keeping patient and hospital confidentiality
  • Maintains adequate supplies of items needed to perform job, orders, or reports low items to supervisor.
  • Practices proper phone etiquette, identifying self and department.
  • Reports adverse events regarding patients, guests, or self to supervisor immediately.