Social Worker – MHCC

Takes all reasonable steps to ensure that social services are available and provided to the patients of SHD. Coordinates social services activities with other departments, providing input into operation of other District departments. Provides social service support to patients and their families.

Department: Memorial Health Care Center (Nursing Home)
Chain of Command: Social Worker, Administrator, CEO
Supervises: None
Pay Scale(s): Hourly, Non Exempt
Location(s): MHCC

Physical and Mental Requirements

  • Lifting/carrying <=50 lbs.
  • Moderate periods of standing, walking
  • Visual acuity
  • Hearing acuity

Work Conditions

  • Inside
  • Occasionally highly stressful


  • OHSA Blood Bourne Pathogens Class III

Types of Clients Served

  • Adult (18-55 yrs.)
  • Geriatric (>55 yrs.)

Job Qualifications


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from an accredited body of higher education

Licensure, Registry and Certifications

  • Licensed Social Worker by the State Board of Examiners

Personal Job Related Skills

  • Effective oral and written communication skills
  • Counseling skills


Prior Work Experience

  • One year in a health care facility in a Social Work position

Technical Training

  • None required

Primary Responsibilities

  • Provides psycho-social assessments, needs assessments, social histories, and participates in interdisciplinary evaluation of individuals’ needs for adjustment to placement in the SHD at the time of admission.
  • Develops individual social service care plans designed to meet needs of patients, families, and significant others
  • Establishes initial care plan goals that promote adjustments and reduce the trauma of relocation
  • Assists patients and prospective patients and families in finding and using financial, legal, mental health and other community resources
  • Provides information, support serviceman ND networking to patients, families, and significant others concerning changes in patients’ conditions and life situations
  • Participates in room change decisions, preparing patients oat their families and significant others for change to help with adjustments
  • Protects and promotes patients’ rights
  • Reports significant patients’ rights issues to the Administrator
  • Facilitates patients’ integration into the community through discharge planning process
  • Participates in staff orientation and staff in-services to promote understanding of the psychosocial needs of patients

Job Related Factors

  • Communicates positively and respectfully to audience (coworkers, patients, physicians, and others)
  • Performs required tasks without prompting and adjusts appropriately to situations.
  • Adheres to the attendance policy.
  • Follows District and Department Policies.
  • Attends required meetings and in-services
  • Participates in Hospital District Safety Program and QA Programs
  • Uses time and resources wisely.
  • Maintains HIPAA, keeping patient and hospital confidentiality
  • Maintains adequate supplies of items needed to perform job, orders, or reports low items to supervisor.
  • Practices proper phone etiquette, identifying self and department.
  • Reports adverse events regarding patients, guests, or self to supervisor immediately.