Operating Room Technician

Assists in nursing care activities and institutional services in the operating room under the direction of a Registered Nurse and according to departmental policies. Performs “scrub” duties and specific institutional nursing services duties appropriate and authorized by the situation.

Department: Surgery
Chain of Command: Operating Room Technician, Director of Surgery, Director of Nursing and Clinical Services, CEO
Supervises: None
Pay Scale(s): Hourly, Non Exempt, Shift Differential, Specialty Differential, Call Pay, Call Back Pay
Location(s): Memorial Healthcare Center

Physical and Mental Requirements

  • Extended periods of sitting/standing
  • Manual dexterity
  • Pushing, pulling
  • Repetitive motion
  • Lifting/carrying >=50lbs
  • Crawling
  • Climbing
  • Kneeling, bending
  • Walking
  • Visual Acuity
  • Hearing Acuity

Work Conditions

  • Inside
  • Occasionally Highly Stressful
  • Proper Body Mechanics


  • OHSA Blood Bourne Pathogens Class I
  • Exposure to Ionizing Radiation
  • Exposure to Anesthetic gases and drugs
  • Exposure to chemicals

Job Qualifications


  • High School Graduate or equivalent OR
  • Graduate of an Operating Room Technical Program

Licensure, Registry and Certifications

  • Certification as an Operating Room Technician preferred

  • Knowledge of surgical scrub duties is preferred
  • Ability to comprehend and follow written and verbal instructions


Prior Work Experience

Operating room experience preferred

Technical Training

  • Operating Room Technician Program
  • Current CPR Certification

Primary Responsibilities

Assists in helping the surgeon accomplish a plan of care for the patient

  • Performs delegated duties as a “scrubbed” member of the nursing team, including preparing the room, supplies, and equipment for the patient. Assisting in preparing the preoperative site and draping the patient according to established procedure to provide and ample sterile field
  • Carries out nursing activities required during operations pertaining to handling of instruments, sponges, sutures, catheters, drains, and dressings in such a manner as to ensure medical and surgical asepsis and safety to the patient
  • Assists in cleanup of room between cases and at the end of the schedule, including bagging of soiled linens, disposing of soiled gloves and debris, transporting soiled instruments and  salvaged supplies to the workroom,  and washing of buckets
  • Assist in the operation of electrical equipment and sterilization and or disinfection of equipment
  • Provides and adjusts care appropriate for all ages of patients served

Assists in lifting and transporting patients and transporting specimens

  • Transports patients from the nursing unit to the operating room and from the operating room to the recovery room if instructed to do so
  • Assists in the preparation of specimens and transporting them to a designated area

Assists in the preparation and aftercare of equipment and supplies

  • Cleans soiled instruments, using washer sterilizer and/or ultrasonic cleaner, checks for defective items, assembles clean instruments in perfect condition trays and stores special items in designated areas
  • Selects and transports required operative setup to rooms for specific cases
  • Tests operational efficiency of equipment prior to and after each case and reports problems to the nurse in charge
  • Sterilizes and disinfects instruments prior to procedure if necessary
  • Assist in restocking of rooms according to established standards
  • Assists in taking inventories of equipment and supplies

  • Communicates positively and respectfully to audience (coworkers, patients, physicians, and others)
  • Performs required tasks without prompting and adjusts appropriately to situations
  • Adheres to the attendance policy
  • Follows District and Department Policies
  • Attends required meetings and in-services
  • Participates in Hospital District Safety Program and QA Programs
  • Uses time and resources wisely. 8. Maintains HIPAA, keeping patient and hospital confidentiality
  • Maintains adequate supplies of items needed to perform job, orders, or reports low items to supervisor
  • Practices proper phone etiquette, identifying self and department
  • Reports adverse events regarding patients, guests, or self to supervisor  immediately.