MDS Coordinator ADON

Assists with the management and supervision of nursing and the services it provides to assure optimal standards of resident care and nursing practice. Managers and coordinates the MDS tools, Care Plan Process, and AIMS Assessments. Input MDS, and LTCMI’s. Does initial Care plans and updates quarterly.

Pay Scale(s): Salary, Exempt
Location(s): MHCC
Chain of Command: MDS Coordinator ADON, DON, Director of Long Term Services, CEO
Supervises: None

Physical and Mental Requirements

  • Extended periods of standing or walking
  • Manual Dexterity
  • Pushing/pulling
  • Repetitive Motion
  • Lifting/carrying >= 50 lbs.
  • Kneeling/bending
  • Stooping
  • Visual acuity
  • Hearing acuity
  • Reaching

Work Conditions

  • Inside
  • Occasionally highly stressful


  • OHSA Blood Bourne Pathogens Class I

Types of Clients Served

  • Adult (18-55 yrs.)
  • Geriatric (>55 yrs.)

Job Qualifications


  • Graduate of an accredited School of Vocational or Professional Nursing

Licensure, Registry and Certifications

  • Licensed Vocational Nurse or Registered Nurse in good standing with the State of Texas
  • BCLS

Personal Job Related Skills

  • Effective oral and written communication skills
  • Knowledge of nursing theories and practices
  • Leadership and management abilities


Prior Work Experience

  • Two (2) years of nursing experience in a clinical or long term care setting preferred
  • One (1) year in a managerial or supervisory role

Technical Training

  • Current CPR certification
  • Proficient in operating Patient Transfer Lifts

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Responsible for the coordination of Rehabilitation Meetings, AIMS Assessments and resident Care Plans.

  • Responsible for “Resident Quarterly Evaluations”, Rehabilitation Meetings, and MDS
  • Responsible for quarterly AIMS Assessments on residents who are receiving psychotropic medications. These are done in conjunction with the MDS’s for the week (usually Fridays)
  • Responsible for reviewing pink DON orders and updating any changes on the Care Plans. Also, review the 24 hour DON report to update the Care Plans. Take old Care Plans to Care Plan meetings
  • Prepares and distributes the next month’s Care Plan Schedule by the end of each month
  • Mail letters to the responsible party and cognitive residents notifying them of Care Plan Meeting

Assist in the planning, organizing, and directing the provision of resident care services

  • Assist the the development and maintenance of nursing practice  consistent with the Texas’ Nurse Practice Act 
  • Confers with the Director and other nursing staff to establish standards of resident care and to describe  and evaluate the overall delivery of resident care
  • Participates in or conducts visits to a all areas to analyze and evaluate nursing and related services provided to the residents
  • Assumes a primary role in emergency situations, cardiac arrests and directs personnel as needed
  • Assumes duties of DON in their absence as directed

Facilitates favorable relationships among nurses, nursing staff, medical staff and other members of MHCC team

  • Coordinates work efforts with other nursing staff members to assure continuity and quality of resident care

Assists with the management of nursing functions and supervises nursing personnel

  • Rotates call as nursing supervisor every third weekend or equivalent
  • Fills in as charge nurse when on call and no charge nurse is available

Calendars and Meetings

  • Attends Department Head Meetings
  • Attends QA Meetings

Job Related Factors

  • Communicates positively and respectfully to audience (coworkers, patients, physicians, and others)
  • Performs required tasks without prompting and adjusts appropriately to situations
  • Adheres to the attendance policy
  • Follows District and Department Policies
  • Attends required meetings and in-services
  • Participates in Hospital District Safety Program and QA Programs
  • Uses time and resources wisely
  • Maintains HIPAA, keeping patient and hospital confidentiality
  • Maintains adequate supplies of items needed to perform job, orders, or reports low items to supervisor
  • Practices proper phone etiquette, identifying self and department
  • Reports adverse events regarding patients, guests, or self to supervisor immediately