Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is responsible for financial leadership and coordination of Seminole Hospital District’s financial planning and reporting procedures, budget development, and management. The CFO will serve as a collaborative member of the hospital’s leadership team. The CFO is responsible for the efficient, effective operations of departments and personnel involved in the financial condition of the organization and reports finding to administrative and management staff. The CFO performs accounts payable duties including, but not limited to, reviewing invoices and processing payments and supervises the preparation of the payroll and prepares accounts payable and payroll reports.

Payscale: Salary, Exempt
Department: Administration
Supervises: This position manages payroll, accounts payable, and purchasing
Location(s): Seminole Hospital District


The Chief Financial Officer will direct and oversee the financial activities of Seminole Hospital District, direct the preparation of current financial reports and summaries, and create forecasts predicting future growth.

Essential Functions:
  1. Promotes the mission, vision, philosophy, objectives, and policies established by the governing body and the Chief Executive Officer.
  2. Directs financial functions of the organization by supervising financial department managers who are responsible for achieve department objectives
  3. Interacts with employees and maintains a positive atmosphere and participative work environment.
  4. Meets regularly with financial department managers to review department activities and functions and makes recommendations as needed
  5. Establishes and maintains high standards of operation, performance, and appearance throughout areas of responsibility.
  6. Maintains accurate financial records of the organization in a current status.
  7. Utilizes an accounting system that meets the needs of the organization by providing adequate detail for effective identification of financial performance and analysis
  8. Maintains charge master in compliance with current pricing procedures.
  9. Review invoices and supervises the accounts payable system.
  10. Manages the admission and discharge processes to conform with procedures and support patient needs.
  11. Supervises the maintenance of the general ledger and the functions of the payroll system
  12. Provides financial support and information to other departments.
  13. Provides information for review and revision of the District’s financial policies, procedures, and practices.
  14. Directs preparation of the budget and the monitoring of the utilization of approved budget resources.
  15. Directs the preparation of capital budgets, three year purchasing plans, and the annual District audit by an outside firm.
  16. Prepares periodic reports for the governing body, administrative staff, and management staff regarding professional services, financial activities, and other special interest areas
  17. Assures areas of responsibility receive no Type 1 deficiencies on surveys by accrediting or compliance agencies.
  18. Assures financial departments and personnel operate within established guidelines for Medicare, Texas Department of Health and other regulatory or licensing agencies to achieve overall compliance
  19. Initiates department policies, procedures, and practices consistent with hospital polices.
  20. Establishes management control procedures to create efficient and effective financial services.
  21. Supervises and coordinates activities including work routines and schedules and selects, hires, develops, evaluates, disciplines, and terminates department employees in compliance with Seminole Hospital District policy.
  22. Communicate positively and respectfully to audience (coworkers, patients, providers, and others).
  23. Perform required tasks without prompting and adjusts appropriately to situations.
  24. Adheres to the attendance policy.
  25. Follows District and Department policies.
  26. Attends required meetings and in-services.
  27. Participates in Hospital District Safety Program and QA Programs.
  28. Uses time and resources wisely.
  29. Maintains HIPAA, keeping patient and hospital confidentiality.
  30. Practices proper phone etiquette, identifying self and department.
  31. Reports adverse events regarding patients, guests, or self to the CEO immediately.
  32. Provides information to patients and resolves patient billing or collection problems.
  33. Interacts with medical staff members, department managers, staff members of other health care organizations, public officials, and member of the community on a continuous basis.
  34. Provides service direct to patients while maintaining a positive customer relations atmosphere.
  35. Maintains HIPAA required and all other confidentiality while working with confidential matters on a daily basis.
  36. Conducts surveys as required by law or directed by Administration.
  37. Follow safety guidelines and policies for Seminole Hospital District.

Education & Work Requirements
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Accounting, Finance, or related field of study
  • Master of Business Administration, Healthcare Administration, Accounting, Finance, or related field of study preferred
  • Certified Public Accountant preferred
  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience as Chief Financial Officer or Controller management
  • Knowledge and prior experience with hospital and rural health clinic operations preferred

Skill Requirements
  • Financial Management
  • Leadership
  • Business Acumen
  • Project Management
  • Ethical Conduct
  • Problem Solving/Analysis
  • Collaboration/Teamwork
  • Personal Effectiveness/Credibility
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Communication Proficiency

Physical Demands

The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job.

  • moderate periods of sitting/standing/walking
  • pushing pulling
  • lifting/carrying <= 75 lbs.
  • crawling         
  • climbing         
  • kneeling/bending
  • visual acuity   
  • hearing acuity