2020 Community Survey

Thank You For Your Assistance

On behalf of the Board of Directors, Seminole Hospital District is pleased to present its Community Needs Assessment Report. A key component of this report was a Community Needs Health Survey that was conducted for Gaines County residents in late 2019-early 2020. This Community Needs Health Survey was made available to the residents of Gaines County through a variety of methods. Those methods included digital links on the Seminole Hospital District website and Social Media Platforms that directed residents to an online survey. Printed surveys were also distributed throughout Seminole Hospital District’s clinics, offices and were made available upon request. The input and community response to the survey from Gaines County residents is greatly appreciated.

Upon completion of this survey, a total collection of responses were evaluated for key findings, opportunities for improvement and strategic recommendations to benefit the community of Gaines County. This report will detail the demographic data of the residents of Gaines County, health indicators, data driven community survey results, impact on the economy of Gaines County, and a list of strategic initiatives. The strategic initiatives will form the basis of the two year strategic plan for Seminole Hospital District.

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