ER + Trauma

The goal of the Emergency Department at Memorial Hospital is to ensure that quality comprehensive trauma and medical care are provided to residents and visitors of Gaines County. We coordinate with our local EMS and with Covenant AeroCare air ambulance services to provide transport to tertiary care facilities when needed.

Level IV Trauma Center

The Emergency Department of Memorial Hospital is designated as a Level IV Trauma Center by the Texas Department of Health, Bureau of Emergency Management. This designation requires our facility to maintain specific equipment and our staff to maintain specific skills, thus ensuring quality care when it is needed most. In further pursuit of quality trauma care, Memorial Hospital has an organized “Trauma Team” composed of staff members of different departments who lend their expertise in a trauma situation. This provides quality care in an organized, systematic manner by coordinating the efforts of a multi-discipline team.

Bio-Terrorism Preparedness

In addition to the trauma and disaster services, Memorial Hospital also maintains the equipment and staff education needed in the event of a bio-terrorism incident. As members of the Regional Bio-terrorism Advisory Committee (RAC), we stay informed on the latest in bio-terrorism preparedness. In addition, we coordinate with other hospitals in the region through training and bio-terrorism/disaster drills to ensure that we are prepared in the event of such a tragedy.

ER Providers

Dr. Andy Wilson


Dr. Brett Burnett

ER Medical Director

Dr. Josiah Wrensford

Trauma Medical Director

Dr. Harinder Singh

Attending Emergency Physician

Dr. Logan Niehues

Attending Emergency Physician

Dr. Isabel Molina

Attending Emergency Physician

Dr. Patrick McElaney

Attending Emergency Physician

Dr. Cory Gottfeld

Attending Emergency Physician

Dr. Gregory Taroyan

Attending Emergency Physician

Dr. Karim Jabbar

Attending Emergency Physician

I took my granddaughter to be see in the emergency room on a Saturday afternoon. The entire staff was amazing. The doctor had a wonderful bedside manner and our nurse, Rebecca, was outstanding. They were very thorough and explained everything we needed to know. They were very patient and kind with my granddaughter and we were treated quickly. We will definitely be coming to Seminole for any future emergency needs.

Taylor Ray

Made an unexpected trip to the ER in Seminole while driving through on a business trip. Dr. Burnett, the ER nurse, Nena, and the entire staff were top-notch professional in their swift diagnosis and treatment of a traveling stranger’s problem. Better service and care than other ERs in larger cities in the area. I don’t want to return, but if I ever have to, I know I’ll receive the best of care.

Randy Lee

By far the best hospital I have been to. They were extremely nice and saw me in a timely manner.

Jessica Perez

Such an awesome hospital. Every time I have driven 30 minutes to be seen at this hospital and they are extremely quick in getting me in a room and treating me for whatever reason. Also, the doctors and nurses are awesome! Would definitely recommend this hospital and I will definitely be returning if I ever have another emergency!

Brad and Jess Thomason

Super friendly and fast; the doctor was great and super helpful and was precise on what needed to be done. Just an overall 10/10 experience!

Ben Hiebert

I was pleased with all the staff, starting with Dr. Sayegh and his wonderful staff, to the business office, nurses anesthesiologist, Doug. I’ve been going to Seminole Memorial Hospital for years and I’ve always had a good experience! I’m thankful to be a part of sweet caring people!

Elaine Ledesma