Weekend Registered Nurse (MHCC)

Has principle responsibility of the total nursing care, assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation of each assigned resident.  Assures that the plan of care is carried out in a safe environment through performance and supervision of subordinate personnel. Records resident histories, administers medications, follows physicians orders and communicate with physicians and families as needed.

Pay Scale(s): Non Exempt, Full-Time

Location(s): Memorial Healthcare Center

Supervises: LVNs, Certified Nurse Aides

Chain of Command: ADON, DON, Administrator

Physical and Mental Requirements

Extended periods of standing or walking, manual dexterity, pushing, pulling, repetitive motion, lifting/carrying >=50lbs., kneeling, bending, stooping, visual acuity, hearing acuity, and reaching.

Work Conditions

Inside, occasional highly stressful


OHSA Blood Bourne Pathogens Class I

Types of Clients Served:

Adult 18-55yrs, and Geriatric >55yrs.

Job Qualifications


  • Graduate of an accredited School of Professional Nursing.

Licensure, Registry and Certifications

  • Registered Nurse licensed by the State of Texas
  • BCLS
  • Current CPR certification 

Personal Job Related Skills

Effective oral and written communication skills


Prior Work Experience

  • Two (2) years experience as a professional RN (preferred)

Primary Responsibilities

Utilizes the nursing process, completes a comprehensive physical and psychological assessment of patients.

  1. Takes nursing histories to provide a basis for developing patient care plans.
  2. Completes a thorough nursing assessment and history 
  3. Identifies teaching and learning needs with each resident to promote independence.
  4.  Provides an ongoing assessment that accurately reflects needs and desires of residents 
  5. Consistently uses input form resident, family, significant other, physician, and healthcare team members.
  6. Supervises and assists staff members providing care while remaining responsible for the delivery of quality nursing care.

Implements and monitors appropriate nursing care to meet patient’s needs.

  1. Identifies expected outcomes for planned nursing intervention and insures vital information is passed between shifts.
  2. Administers medications according to policy.
  3. Knows actions, indications, contraindications, precautions, adverse reactions, dosage and route of administration on all drugs prior to administering to patient.
  4. Verifies medication administration accuracy and performs the required checks on the medication administration record.
  5. Assesses residents at the beginning of the shift for acuity of patient needs/problems and establishes priority in which work activities are consistently completed by the end of the shift.
  6. Performs basic nursing competently to include but not limited to: intake and output, vital signs, physical assessment, urine testing, specimens/cultures, dressing changes, neurological assessments, personal hygiene for the patient, skin care, glucose monitoring, airway/suctioning, basic oxygen administration, nasogastric tubes, tube feedings, urinary catheterization, drains and enemas.
  7. Recognizes, evaluates, and interviews appropriately in a life-threatening situation.
  8. Recognizes variance of diagnostic tests, vital signs and assessments that should be reported to the physicians and notifies physicians in a time frames appropriate to the variance.
  9. Functions proficiently in all daily nursing tasks.
  10. Act as liaison between patient, physician, family or RP and other health disciplines.

Maintains accurate and timely records according to facility policy and procedures.

  1. Progress notes completed on all appropriate residents at minimum of once but not limited to every shift.
  2. Accurately documents on MAR and TAR in the electronic chart.
  3. Completes all quarterly, monthly and weekly observations.
  4. Completes all incident reports as needed and reports them to GNP, Administrator, DON and RP.
  5. Documents on 24 hour report sheet to ensure continuity of care between shifts.
  6. Transcribes and or cosigns physicians orders completely and accurately while reporting changes to RP.
  7. Complete daily assignment forms for all CNAs.
  8. Completes nursing staff sheet every shift.

Maintains the required inventory of supplies and equipment

  1. Assesses the supplies needed and establishes a system for acquisition, storage, control, and issue.
  2. Determines equipment needs and assures equipment is maintained and in good working condition.
  3. Assures medication cart is stocked with appropriate supplies and medications. Reorders medications as needed.
  4. Assures crash cart and AED is checked daily.

Facilitates favorable relationships within the ER , clinics , med/surg, therapy and dietary

  1. Maintains positive and effective relationships with other departments and the Medical Staff.
  2. Consults with MD/FNP to resolve problems and to obtain and provide patient care input.
  3. Maintains open communication and a problem solving atmosphere with other departments to achieve quality patient care.

Job Related Factors

  1. Communicates positively and respectfully to audience (coworkers, patients, physicians, and others).
  2. Performs required tasks without prompting and adjusts appropriately to situations.
  3. Adheres to the attendance policy.
  4. Follows District and Department Policies.
  5. Attends required meetings and in-services.
  6. Participates in Hospital District Safety Program and QA Programs.
  7. Uses time and resources wisely.
  8. Maintains HIPAA, keeping patient and hospital confidentiality.
  9. Maintains adequate supplies of items needed to perform job, orders, or reports low items to supervisor.
  10. Practices proper phone etiquette, identifying self and department.
  11. Reports adverse events regarding patients, guests, or self to supervisor immediately.